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On Aug 18,2013 One Month after My 47th Birthday I gave My Life to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I Accepted Him In My Life & Invited Him into My Heart. There He Will Remain for Ever See I Don’t take My Salvation as a Joke. I Take it as a Marriage the Only Difference is We didn’t exchange rings!! Instead I Walk in Faith with My Lord God. I Lived a 32yr Lesbian Life Style that was full of Sin after Sin I Also Got Redeemed from Alcohol, Was Sexually Abused By My Grandmother on My Mom’s side. I Kept it a Secret Hidden for Many Many Years. I Told Myself I Would NEVER tell My Mommsy what her mother had done to Me I Felt that would kill her either physically or emotionally. I Didn’t want to have to live with that, But now i know that it was a lie the devil was feeding me so i wouldn’t Expose it! My Mommsy passed away March 2,2009 never knowing what her mother had done to me. I Forgave My Grandmother for many years of sexual abuse. I took care of her I was her Home Care Provider from 1999-2007  Until she passed from a Massive Heart Attack. See God had already been preparing me little by little for my salvation!!! I Never held grudges or anger towards anybody that did Me wrong, I also was molested by a male whom i never knew!! He had a store where he sold fishing stuff! I was Suicidal also tried taking different types of meds hoping I would over dose But Of Course My Lord Once Again Showed Me his Grace by saving Me from what Would have sent Me to HELL!!!! Thank You Father. No One Knew My Life Struggles I Hid them Well from Family and Friends and Society….. I Want to Be Used By My Lord God I am a Willing Vessel I See Myself Going around to Different Churches Sharing My Testimony. I Truly Believe that My Testimony will Touch Different Walks of Life. Whether it Be Lesbians,Gays,Prodical’s Alcholics,Those Attempting Suicide and Many Other People that Don’t have an Intimate Relationship with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Remember Your Past is What Makes Your Testimony Stay Strong in the Lord and Don’t Look back Unless it’s to Share Your Testimony!!! God Bless.


Posted January 19, 2015 by Soldier Of Yahweh aka Angel G in My Mini Testimony